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A fast and easy way to make wellness and well-being part of a good business strategy

Activating wellness to drive performance around 12 dynamic competencies and 9 dimensions of wellness


Well-being Intelligence for the Future of Work

Are you challenged with getting employees to participate in a wellness program? Learn how to integrate well-being intelligence into all aspects of your workplace functions to win the war on disengagement and mental illness.

  • Learn why well-being offers exciting new options to reach more employees
  • Understand the well-being research findings
  • Learn about the well-being intelligence curriculum
  • Get well-being intelligence strategies to increase engagement with your wellness initiatives 

Managing Fatigue at Work

Learn how stress affects the human body and how resetting the nervous system is one of the first steps in recovery from illness and chronic fatigue. Learn to identify the stressors you are experiencing and gain tools to increase balance. Learn why participants report that this session has been life-changing. Learn the root causes of Fatigue and the difference between Sleep and Fatigue Neurology.

  • Learn the root causes of fatigue at the biological level.
  • Learn how nervous system trauma impacts sleep.
  • The session will focus on the growth mindset and tools to neutralize negative emotions.
  • Explore the four pillars of sleep and understand how to move forward despite adversity.

Stop Stress at Work with Mental Fitness

What if you could STOP stress and other negative emotions from escalating in the workplace so you could remain calm, focused, and productive? This is possible with mental fitness. In this session, participants will learn how their thought patterns impact their behavior and the behavior of others. They will walk away with practical tools to intercept negative thought patterns in the moment and shift to a positive mindset for peak performance, improved communication, and optimal health and well-being. Attendees will leave inspired and encouraged to take action in their own lives. Gain practical mental fitness tips that can be applied in daily life.

  • Benefits of mental fitness
  • Impact of thoughts on behavior
  • Applying mental fitness to daily life
  • Definition and benefits of mental fitness

Psychological Hazards of Workplace Harassment

Harassment at work has a long-term impact that is often far-reaching. This session will expand on the psychological hazards of workplace harassment. This is a trauma-informed perspective focusing on more than just policies and procedures. We include the human experience which is causing serious harm. Participants will learn:

  • What is psychological harassment?
  • What can you do about it: steps & tools
  • Repair and Recovery


This session focuses on strategic wellness solutions in the workplace. It will cover opportunities to promote mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellness in organizations that are aligned to their mission, vision, and core values. It will make a connection to the mental wellness and strategic initiatives that organizations can roll out. 

The program is designed to provide HR professionals with strategic options to align any wellness program with the organization's mission and vision.

  • Business Strategy & HR Wellness Programs
  • Strategic wellness options
  • Aligning HR Strategy

Be a champion of wellness at work and gain support to build a culture of well-being at work.

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Ezeosa Dafikpaku


Attending the Global Workplace Wellness 2021 Summit with my team was the high point of our year. It was very insightful and has led us to setting new wellness standards.

Carrie Burd


As a speaker and attendee of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, I was amazed at the caliber of programs and comprehensive approach to wellness and diversity of topics.

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