Welcome to the 

Global Workplace Wellness Community 

of Practice.

Are you a Health and Wellness Practitioner who wants to be on the cutting edge of the new world of work?

The Global Workplace Wellness Community of Practice provides wellness competency alignment to make wellness at work programs engaging and relatable to employees, while making business sense to employers. Members gather to learn, share, get feedback on practice, ideas & inspirations.

We cover a wellness competency teaching that inspires new learning, growth, and expansive wellness conversations each month.

These learnings become books, podcasts, video teaching, courses, practice ideas, and innovative, creative, and engaging research.

Join practitioners from around the globe as we embark on defining the new world of work.

The Global Workplace Wellness Community of Practice offers bi-weekly teaching, coaching and development for practitioners in the health and wellness field. 

Members are also selected to chair committees that share their best practices and tools for the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

Gather with other professionals to build your expertise in the field

Get access to the Global Workplace Wellness Summit following discussions
Continue the learning with monthly wellness conversations sessions
Understand the wellness competency monthly alignment strategies
Make your wellness strategies at work relatable and enticing
Create content and tools that hold the attention of your employees

Member Bonus!

Get on-demand access to wellness education, learning tools, resources, articles and stories with a global perspective and make wellness competency teaching more accessible.

Showcase your expertise and knowledge with the world