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Promoting Wellness Competences in Workplaces Everywhere!

We believe everyone deserves psychological and physical safety at work

Positions on the summit committees come with the following opportunities:

  • Free tickets to invite organizations in their regions to attend the summit on November 8-10, 2021
  • Collaborate to provide a presentation at the November summit
  • Provide a paper to share best practices, and processes that promote workplace wellness standards globally
  • Write an article that will be featured in the Face of Workplace Wellness magazine and be distributed to our readership
  • Be featured on our website and acknowledged at the November 2021 summit.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Well-being

This committee will work to create a presentation or panel discussion of diversity, equity, inclusion and workplace wellness.

Relationship, Conflict Communication and Interpersonal Well-being

This committee will work to create a presentation on the intersection between interpersonal wellness conflict, communication and relationship.

Work-Life Balance & Interdependence

This committee will explore the interdependence of work life balance and the right to disconnect globally.

Workplace Wellness Environments

This committee will explore standards for workplace wellness design and environments to be presented at the summit.

Employee Learning Wellness Program & Design

This committee will explore and present on employee wellness and learning programs design.

Leadership, Engagement and Well-being

This committee will explore and present on leadership standards strategies for leading to promote wellness in organizations.

Neuroscience Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

This committee will work on the sharing latest neuroscience findings that promote emotional and mental wellness in organizations.

Resilience, Selfcare & Happiness

This committee will explore how employees can promote resilience with strategies like happiness and self-care strategies.

Financial Wellness and Innovation at Work

This committee will explore the role of financial wellness and innovation on workplace wellness programs and access.

Employee Assistance, Benefits and Corporate Integrity

This committee will present on employee assistance and benefits changes and trends and how these have changed due to covid-19.

Workplace Wellness Trends and Innovation in Africa

This committee will explore workplace health and wellness strategies, tools and opportunities in the African continent.

Workplace Wellness Trends and Innovations in the Caribbean

This committee will be made of professionals from the Caribbean islands who will identify gaps and areas to promote workplace health and safety in the Caribbean.

Personal Wellness Coaching

This committee will explore personal wellness coaching to promote wellness competencies and behaviors at work.

Physical Wellness & Fitness

This committee will explore physical wellness and fitness programs and how they impact and influence corporate wellness programs.

Nutrition and Workplace Wellness

This committee will explore how nutrition plays into the realm of workplace wellness, employee’s energy and stamina.

Workplace Wellness & Recruitment

This committee will explore how corporations use workplace wellness offering to recruit and attract the best talents.

Spiritual Wellness, Values and Purpose

This committee will explore the impact of spiritual wellness on workplace wellness program, corporate and employee values to promote meaning and purpose for employees at work.

Violence and Harassment

in The Workplace

This committee will explore the impact of harassment and violence in the workplace and how it impacts employee health and wellness, their community and constituency.

Committee Members also receive the following benefits:

  • Gain exposure at the global workplace wellness summit
  • Be profiled in the summit magazine issue and on our website
  • Be part of the committee panel presentation at the summit
  • Add summit committee membership to your portfolio
  • Be part of our professional collaboration
  • Permission to use the summit committee logo in your signature

Interested parties may apply here to be considered to take a seat on one of the above committees. We will review your applications and get back to you within 10 days.