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Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Casino Hotel

1415 Regent Ave W. Winnipeg, Canada

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Imagine being amongst the first to witness the game-changing solution to today's biggest challenges: stress, mental health, and resilience. This isn’t just an unveiling—it’s the revelation of the world's most comprehensive Well-being Intelligence Curriculum!

Dive into strategies that don’t just combat stress but transform it. Discover tools that revolutionize mental well-being. Embrace a framework that doesn’t just talk about resilience but actively builds it from the ground up.

Don't just be in the know—be in the room where it happens! Secure your front-row seat to the future of holistic well-being.

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Full Summit 2-day pass
  • Continental Breakfast, snack and lunch
  • 16 session options with high-end speakers (value - $2500 and up)
  • 16 Recertification credits (value - $1500 and up)
  • 25% off Well-being Competency Coaching Certification (value - $1597)
  • Be in the room to network and connect (unlimited potential)
  • CEO Roundtable
Summit 1 Day Pass
  • Continental Breakfast, snack and lunch
  • 8 session options with high-end speakers
  • 8 Recertification credits
  • 25% off Well-being Competency Coaching Certification
  • Be in the room to network and connect (unlimited potential)
  • CEO Roundtable

VIP Packages Available 

Get select Summit session streamed live on location

Per Person

$ 395 Per Person

  • Access up to 5 Livestream sessions per day
  • Up to 12 virtual sessions and opening and closing ceremony
  • Up to 10 recertification credits
  • Access to session recordings for 90 days
  • Well-being Competency Training for one month (value - $2500)
  • 25% off Well-being Competency Coaching Certification (value - $1597)
  • Experience the live feed energy
  • CEO Roundtable


Live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Online Reservations Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Hotel.

1415 Regent Ave. W. Winnipeg, MB. R2C 3B2, Canada.

Learn the rich history of the Prairies and Central Canada, Winnipeg is the Capital of Manitoba.

  • Home of Canada's Human Rights Museum.
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery has the most extensive collection of contemporary Inuit art globally.
  • Winnipeg was the first city in North America to use a central emergency number (911) in 1959.
  • Winnipeg is located on Treaty No.1 Territory, the traditional lands of several of Canada's Indigenous people, and is the birthplace of the Metis Nation.

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A fast and easy way to make wellness and well-being part of a good business strategy

Be a champion of wellness at work and gain support to build a culture of well-being at work.

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Top Reasons to Attend Summit 2023

  • Access More Than 15 Dynamic Wellness Sessions.
    Easy Access to Mobile App and Web App.
  • Access to Dynamic International Speakers.
  • Participation in Cutting Edge Discussions.
  • Professional Development Credits for Recertification.
  • A Holistic Inclusive Approach to Wellness Event.
  • An Affordable Way to Infuse Your Workplace Wellness Content.
  • Accommodation for Remote and Hybrid Employees.

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